Trainer 5 - Mr GO

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Trainer 5 - Mr GO


Mr. GO was trained overseas in USA, Singapore in Six-Sigma Methodology and Tools (Black Belt) and upon his return to Malaysia, he was sent to China to train the Engineers in Nidec Corporation situated in Dalian., manufacturer of Spindle Motors, Mini Fan Motors and other types of motors  on Six Sigma Methodology and Tools.

He first held the position of Production Supervisor in charge of 30 operators in the Harris Semiconductor (M) Sdn Bhd. He attended the SPC in-house training.

After two years in the above position, Mr GO joined Amsbach Marine as an Operations Executive. In that capacity, he was overseeing support vessels operations between Kemaman,Terengganu and the Oil Rigs  for two years.

GO then joined Thong Fook Plastics (M) Sdn. Bhd. as a QA Executive heading the QA Dept manufacturing all kind of plastic bags through extrusion process. And later promoted to Technical Executive in-charge of Plastics Injection Molding Division. He earned a Certificate in Plastics Materials and Injection Molding Process issued by CIAST, Ministry Of Labour. He was trained 6 months in Plastics Injection Molding at Minolta Precision (M) Sdn Bhd.

His next assignment was Production Manager for Nidec-Copal, an Japanese MNC which is an Optomechatronics company producing Stepper Motors, Trimmer Potentiometer, Clik Motor, PCB Assembly, Fan Motors, Injection Molding and Metal Stamping. He has led this company to achieved ISO9000 as a Management Representative. He has been trained as a Lead Assessor by QMS and Internal Quality Audit by Sirim. Mr GO was a Production Manager for eight years before joining an American MNC (General Electric USA Malaysian Appliance Components) as Materials & Customer Service Manager. 

Mr GO’s five years as a Materials & Customer Service Manager has improved productivity of more then US$1,800,000.00 through Six-Sigma activities. He has been certified Green Belt in 2001 but a trained Black Belt in 1999. He also received the Phillippe Award 2000 for Distinguished Community  Leadership and also completed the Advance Manager’s Course in 2001 conducted by GE.

He is knowledgeable in other areas such as  EHS, Ergonomics, ISO 9001:2000. He owns the Chemical Management Framework while in GE. He has been the Chairman of  Health and Safety committee for 2 years.

His next portfolio is Technical Advisor for the Plastics Division and a Training Consultant for Six Sigma Methodology and Tools for NCPC, an Japanese MNC in the Philippines. He has done many improvements in the Plastics Division through DOE applications for parameters characterization and Optimization. He also trained all Engineers and Managers in NCPC from various departments like Plating, Motors, LED/SMD, Plastics, Metal Stamping, HR and Materials on Six-Sigma  Tools (DMAIC).

He also trains NCPC’s customers DOE application using Minitab 14 Statistical Software and have also taught other customers (Vishay Semiconductor ) in Manila, Philippines, Melaka, Malaysia and in Shanghai, China..

His last assignment was with Exas Philippines Inc. in Cebu and Aikawa Philippines Inc. in Batangas, Philippines as Technical Advisor to the Plastics Dept and a 6-Sigma Training Consultant. His contract expired March 2007 and is back to Malaysia.

Training and Coaching for Engineers and Managers in Indonesia -  Perawang, Pekan Baru, Jambi Surabaya and Jakarta in 6-Sigma Green Belt level since May 2008 to end August 2008. These are Pulp and Paper mills in Indonesia. 

Conducted 6-Sigma programs for Proton and Tesco.

He has the capability of identifying improvement opportunities in any manufacturing operations and also possesses problem-solving capabilities..

Currently, he is the Associate Trainer for a few Management Consultant Firms in-charge of the Manufacturing / Production Operations. He has conducted many trainings for  both In-House and Public Courses in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor. Other than 6-Sigma Modules, he also teaches Effective Materials Management, Production Planning & Inventory Control, Statistical Forecasting, How be an Effective QA, The New 7 Seven QC Tools, Cost Reduction Techniques for Manufacturing, 3Q6S, 6-sigma tools for improvements etc.